by Sabrina Cruz

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I decided to rap.


I always figured that I was sophisticated
I drank my tea, and read books to be well educated
But that’s not me.
Two faced just like Iago
I’ll Never be the general
Quothing Shakespeare at a human skull

I sit at starbucks paying 5 bucks for a drink
Throw my money for some culture,
watch it drain right down the sink.

I know pop culture from the inside to the out
did you see that kimye wedding
You could read all about
it on my blog, or my twitter, or my pintrest
Where I shout my thoughts at others
who share a common interest

I listen to Beethoven, jam out to fur elise
That dog is hella barking, but yet that doesn’t mean
I’m any smarter, any greater, any brighter
Cuz the dude is decomposing
way more than six feet under

It’s pretty jarring cuz I see what’s gonna happen
I’ll never be the president or host like Jimmy Fallon
I blend in like I’m wearing social camo
Graphic tees, skinny jeans. Puns loaded just like ammo.

And I like john green. Is that okay? Okay.
My life’s a metaphor written by Hemingway
I’m just an old man going out to sea
Even though I don’t know what any of it means

Even this song is me trying to show,
That I’m angsty and I’m edgy just like edgar allen poe.
Am I better cuz I criticize my peers?
Does it make you all think that I’m wise beyond my years.

I’ll reference memes, take my money cuz much wow
that challenge is accepted right here right now
Come at me bro, don’t need to show that I have guile
I still dance to oppa Gangnam Style.

Now we’ve come to the denouement
Where my internal struggles are explained and resolved.
I don’t need to read Swedish noir untranslated
Because no one really cares if I’m “sophisticated”


released June 2, 2014
Beat by Mi Ka (



all rights reserved


Sabrina Cruz Toronto, Ontario

Makes music.
Not very well, if you were wondering.

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