Don't Lava You

by Sabrina Cruz

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A punk rock song about breaking up... using as many geology puns as possible.


Don’t dig it up
Or else you’ll crack me deep
Take you for granite / While in my sight
But I still can’t sleep

You make my bed rock
Just like an earthquake
Score 10 with Richter / You’re the victor
Who made my heart break!

Our love, was born of fire
and the flame is getting brighter
it may sound ridiculous
our love is igneous

You’ve got layers
It’s sedimentary
Stone cold core / but been a whore
Since my entry

Gotta admit that
Your facies gneiss
Your clastic beauty / Got the booty
But it don’t suffice. [x2]

it’s time… that we transform
Our love is getting lukewarm
Let’s just pull the band-aid quick
Cuz our love is metamorphic

I started out a pebble
But now I’m getting boulder
I see you’re schist / behind the kiss
Now that we’re getting older

Now that I see your faults
I lost my apatite
Wasn’t too hard / but now I’m charred
You won’t be cummingtonite. [x2]

It’s about time, that I had my say
So why don’t you continentally drift away

This is our cycle. It doesn’t rock.
I catch on fire by your sweet talk.
Then I remember you’re a dick
So let’s keep this relationship plutonic


released August 19, 2014
Instrumental track by Matheus T (



all rights reserved


Sabrina Cruz Toronto, Ontario

Makes music.
Not very well, if you were wondering.

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